Earning Opportunities

Explore the diverse avenues to amplify your investments within the Bomb Money ecosystem. From leveraging liquidity in our farms to strategic staking in the boardroom, each path offers a unique way to participate and profit. Dive into the details and choose the one that aligns with your investment style.

Stake and Earn B2SHARE Rewards Our farms serve as the cornerstone for liquidity provision. Stake your LP tokens and earn B2SHARE rewards.

Governance with Growth: Stake BOMB, Earn xBOMB. As a dual-benefit token, xBOMB not only gives you a voice in protocol decisions but also grows over time, earning a share of the boardroom's rewards.

Maximize Liquidity, Maximize Rewards LP Bonding allows you to lock in liquidity provider tokens in exchange for future rewards. It's a long-term commitment to the stability and liquidity of the marketplace, with a profitable reward structure.

Staking for Stability and Rewards The boardroom is where B2SHARE holders can stake their tokens to earn a share of BOMB emissions. By participating in the boardroom, you support the stability of the peg to Bitcoin and get rewarded for your commitment.

Secure Your Position with BOMB Bonds BOMB Bonds are instrumental during periods of contraction. Purchase bonds at a discount when BOMB's price falls below peg and redeem them for a profit when the price recovers.

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