Ledger, xBOMB Collateral workaround

A few of our users have experienced problems when trying to deposit xBOMB as collateral into our busm.money protocol when using a Ledger device.

Please follow the steps below to manually fix this problem! (Until a long term fix has been applied).

  • Select "Write Contract".

  • Click "Connect to Web3". (Connect with your Ledger).

  • Once connected, scroll down to section "10. SetMasterContractApproval".

  • Enter the following information;

  • user - enter your Ledger address here

  • masterContract - 0x070430D1C765623C46C66c06A8164bB29705fF7F

  • approved - true

  • v - 0

  • r - 0x

  • s - 0x

  • After you have filled in the information correctly, click "Write" and confirm the MetaMask transaction.

Once these steps have been completed, you can head back over to busm.money and deposit your xBOMB as collateral, problem solved!

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