To promote robust liquidity for Bomb Money's protocol tokens, we've strategically infused our LP farms with B2SHARE, offering it as rewards to those staking LP tokens over a span of 6 months. This distribution of B2SHARE rewards is meticulously allocated across our farms to ensure a balanced and thriving ecosystem.

  • BOMB-BTCB LP: 66.6% of B2SHARE rewards

  • B2SHARE-BNB LP: 33.3% of B2SHARE rewards

Optimizing B2SHARE Emissions for Long-Term Prosperity

In the evolving landscape of BOMB Money, the allocation and future of B2SHARE emissions take center stage. With 15K of the total 59.5K B2SHARE already fueling our farms, we're strategically leveraging the remainder to enrich the ecosystem and maximize rewards for our community. This approach ensures a continued flow of value, dynamically supporting BOMB's alignment with its Bitcoin peg.

B2SHARE isn’t just a reward token; it’s the lifeblood of the BOMB ecosystem, empowering stability and growth. It plays a pivotal role, especially in the Boardroom, by rewarding those who contribute to maintaining the protocol's health. As we navigate forward, B2SHARE stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation, community wealth, and the endless potential of DeFi.

1. Why is "at-peg" (TWAP between 1.00 and 1.01) the best time to provide liquidity?

Providing liquidity when BOMB is "at-peg" (TWAP between 1.00 and 1.01) is a golden opportunity for investors. This perfect alignment, mirroring the value of 10,000 BOMB to 1 BTC, transforms your investment experience, closely resembling single asset staking rather than traditional liquidity provisioning. This strategic timing minimizes the risk of impermanent loss, ensuring your assets work for you more efficiently and with increased stability. It's an optimal moment to capitalize on, enhancing your investment's potential with the security of being tethered to Bitcoin's value.

2. Wait, you mean that if BTC pumps, BOMB pumps with it?

Yes! Let's look at an example: If BTC pumps in price, it won't "outrun" BOMB, even if nobody is buying BOMB at that time. The farm APRs will vary in terms of USD value, but the emissions won’t. This is something that wouldn't be possible with another 1:1 pegged asset like a stablecoin LP position, where the USD value is directly tied to the emissions. If BTC rises in USD value, BOMB goes with it. Similarly, if BTC falls in USD value, BOMB will be worth less in USD, but it won’t affect the peg.

The only thing that can change the price of BOMB in terms of its BTC value (and as such, the peg) is buying and selling it.

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