General / Quick ROI Strategy

The strategies outlined here are suitable for most BOMB Money investors, especially those new to the protocol. They allow for safe farming of non-volatile assets, and also allow for immediate return on investment (ROI).

Strategies will be outlined below in a rough order of easiest and safest, to slightly more advanced and a little more risk, but potentially with more upside.

Auto Compounding VS Manual Farm

You have two options with all of the BOMB Money farming strategies. One of them gives you the power of compound interest and automatically growing the size of your position, while the other requires manually collecting rewards, but can be advantageous if you want to use those rewards for instant return on investment (ROI). Letโ€™s break down both options:

Auto Compounding Vaults

Our auto compounding vaults can be found at The way these vaults work is that they will automatically compound at certain intervals (every two hours). This collects all farm rewards, and sells it, to grow your position. This happening every two hours allows you to continuously earn rewards on your ever growing position, giving you maximum benefits from compounding.

Profit taking is not quite as straight forward with this option, you would need to remove a portion of your position and sell it to take profits. Meaning, you can take your BOMB-BTCB autovault position and withdraw it as the liquidity pool (LP) tokens themselves, and head over to PancakeSwap where you can convert the pair into it's base assets and do with them as you please. An example way to take profit with this, would be something like:

Deposit 50 LP tokens into the autovault. After a week, you now have 55 LP tokens in the autovault. You withdraw 2.5 LP tokens, leaving you with 52.5 still there to auto compound, and have 2.5 LP tokens to do as you please with.

Manual Farms

Manual farms are very similar to auto vaults, except rewards need to be collected manually. If you are generally compounding rewards back into your position, the autovault would be a better option for you. The manual farm makes most sense when:

-You want to take profits immediately, you can sell the reward token you receive from the manual farm

-You want to collect B2SHARES to stake in the boardroom, to farm with, or just simply because you think they will appreciate in value and donโ€™t want them autosold every 2 hours.

The manual farms donโ€™t have the same convenient zap-in functionality as BOMB MAX does, so you will need to manually create your LP position at PancakeSwap or ACSI depending which farm you are going for. Each farm has a link at the bottom of the page which directs you to the specific page to add liquidity to create your LP pair.

Strategy Guide

These strategies all involve utilizing one or more of our farms. Depending on your goals, risk tolerance, and investment.

We have three different core pairs, and corresponding farms + auto vaults. You can choose various different allocations of your funds to the different farms depending on risk tolerance and market outlook.

This strategy is what I recommend for most new users. It involves taking 100% of your investment and allocating it to our BOMB-BTCB pair. This pair consists of 50% BOMB ( token) and 50% Bitcoin (BTCB on BNB Smart Chain). It has low impermanent loss, is stable, and provides Bitcoin + Bitcoin peg token, for maximum BTC exposure. It pays incredibly well considering the safety and full Bitcoin exposure offered.

This strategy works equally well with both the auto-compounding vaults and the manual farm.

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