Roadmap outlining the future for Bomb Money
Updates will be posted here as the Roadmap is updated.
Last updated February 22nd, 2022
  • Timelock all contracts. Timelock will be a minimum three-day lock on all contracts which control rewards or any other aspect of how the system functions. (Completed Q1 2022)
  • Run our own BSC full node to provide RPC to our services and community. (Done: (Completed Q4 2021)
  • Initial website redesign. (Completed Q4 2021)
  • Complete website revamp to make our core features much easier to understand and to allow for simpler participation in the protocol.
  • Complete documentation revamp. (Completed Q1 2022)
  • Autocompounding vaults. (Completed Q4 2021)
  • Establish partner autocompounding vaults. (Completed Q1 2022, more partnerships coming)
  • Add BOMB single staking (xBOMB). (Completed Q1 2022)
  • Add new incentivized LP farm(s) to provide new ways for investors to optimize compounding yields within the protocol. (Completed Q1 2022, added BOMB-BSHARE LP farm/autovault)
  • Run a Bomb Money BSC validator (requires 10,000 BNB).
  • Enable single staking of BTC from BTC main net. (Completed Q1 2022 -
  • Other new and exciting ways for users outside of BSC to participate in our protocol.
  • Shift to a community governed project, where all contracts are owned by a DAO. Project decisions will be voted upon by protocol participants, weighted by their holdings of our governance token (xBOMB). (Currently projected for mid-2022.)
  • Launch BOMB CHAIN with BOMB as our native token. (Currently projected for late 2022.)
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