The Bomb Money farms currently available for staking LP tokens to earn B2SHARE rewards
To incentivize healthy liquidity pools for the Bomb Money protocol tokens, our LP farms have been seeded with B2SHARE to be distributed as rewards to LP stakers across a time period of 12 months. The total B2SHARE rewards are distributed from each farm as follows:
  • BOMB-BTCB LP: 66.6% of B2SHARE rewards
  • B2SHARE-BNB LP: 33.3% of B2SHARE rewards

1. What will happen when the circulating supply equals the total supply? Will reward emissions stop?

Yes. Once the max supply of B2SHARE (59.5K) is reached, reward emissions end. This will happen in exactly one year from when the B2SHARE farms started on November 25th, 2021. B2SHARE will always continue to print BOMB in the Boardroom, though, as long as BOMB remains above peg.
B2SHARE reward emissions for the current LP farms are scheduled to end on November 25th, 2022 once the total BSHARE supply has been distributed.

2. Why is "at-peg" (TWAP between 1.00 and 1.01) the best time to provide liquidity?

When BOMB is pegged or close to being pegged at 10,000 BOMB to 1 BTC, it is more akin to having exposure to a single asset (single staking) than to your traditional LP'ing experience, where you would run the risk of impermanent loss if one of the tokens went up in value and the other did not.

3. Wait, you mean that if BTC pumps, BOMB pumps with it?

Yes! Let's look at an example: If BTC pumps in price, it won't "outrun" BOMB, even if nobody is buying BOMB at that time. The farm APRs will vary in terms of USD value, but the emissions won’t. This is something that wouldn't be possible with another 1:1 pegged asset like a stablecoin LP position, where the USD value is directly tied to the emissions. If BTC rises in USD value, BOMB goes with it. Similarly, if BTC falls in USD value, BOMB will be worth less in USD, but it won’t affect the peg.
The only thing that can change the price of BOMB in terms of its BTC value (and as such, the peg) is buying and selling it.