Long Term Highest Paying Strategy

Strategy Guide: Advanced / Long Term

The highest paying strategy involves keeping BOMB above peg and taking advantage of the high returns of the boardroom, and xBOMB.
This strategy requires cooperation of the community, and overall, the majority of BSHARE stakers wishing to keep their BSHARES printing.

It is difficult to take immediate profit from this strategy, please refer to general / immediate ROI strategy if you are not in it for the long term!

Strategy Summary

This strategy involves having an overweight position of BSHARE. With recent low BSHARE prices, a lot of our BOMBSQUAD is in this position of having many BSHARES. Once again, if you need immediate ROI (return on investment), there are other strategies that you can use with your BSHARE which allow for immediate profit taking without hurting the protocol or protocol asset prices. Refer to that article if this is the case.

Strategy Guide

Stake BSHARES in boardroom, and collect every 3 epochs your rewards
When below 1.1 peg (check homepage), deposit all BOMB rewards into xBOMB.
xBOMB can be used as collateral to borrow BUSM, as well as other assets with soon to be launched partnerships.
Until peg is over 1.1 or we have borrowable assets with high liquidity, it will be difficult to take profit with this strategy. Use a combination of this strategy with the Immediate ROI strategy, or fully switch to the immediate ROI strategy if you need to take profits in the near future.